I think finding a Rialta for sale is a great find for people who are interested in getting an RV. Winnebago, the company that created this type of vehicle has been making motor homes for more than half a century, which practically shows their level of experience and expertise. Although production of the Rialta has been discontinued since the year 2005, it’s still one of the most attractive types of RV’s to date; at least that’s my own take on the matter.


Last Minute Changes

There are a number of qualities that has made the Rialta a very attractive option. This is due to the fact that Winnebago made a lot of upgrades to this motorhome on its final year of circulation. These little design tweaks include several unique floor plans, improved interior, and several lifestyle features to make this RV more modern as well as more convenient.


Original Engineering

Everyone knows that Winnebago practically uses other car parts to make their newly designed RVs. For instance, they came up with the LeSharo, which is an RV that is only a little bigger than a passenger van. The LeSharo was actually designed using parts from Renault automobile parts.

The Rialta actually follows the same line of smaller units such as the LeSharo. However, the Rialta was built using a Volkswagen T-4. The very first Rialta motorhomes came with a 2.8 V6 engine and a five cylinder motor. The engine used for the Winnebago Rialta pack 201 horsepower. It had automatic transmission plus four speeds, a drawbar trailer hitch that has a 2,000 pound capacity, a 150 amp alternator, and a 280 amp battery.


Safety Features Of Any Rialta For Sale

One of the things that people should always check about any car they buy is the safety features packed with the vehicle. The good news is that the Rialta comes with all the standard safety features. They are outfitted with both passenger side and driver side airbags. Along with that, these vehicles also come with your standard three point seatbelts.

Since fire related accidents may also occur inside the RV, the car makers have also added smoke detectors plus a fire extinguisher. Those seated in the living room have to use lap seatbelts when the vehicle is moving.


RV Interior Options

Rialta For SaleThe Rialta motorhome was one step ahead of the competition right before it was discontinued in 2005. For example, it had a generator that packed a total of 2,800 watts. It also included a water heater that has a total capacity of four gallons. Apart from that, it was also outfitted with a furnace, which makes it really homey. It also has a sewer hose that stretches up to ten feet, which acts as the RV’s city water attachment.


Remember To Check The Floor Plans Of Any Rialta For Sale

Rialta For SaleThe Winnebago Rialta made quite a buzz due to the different available floor plans. The standard features in these floor plans include a bathroom plus a toilet, a kitchen area, a single pull down table, and a stove. Some models included little couches while others had sofa sleepers instead. Other models had a single double bed while there is also a model that had two small beds instead. Remember that you get to choose which floor plan you want which will depend on the type of Rialta for Sale.